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What is B·Hyper?

B·Hyper is a new concept developed for Hypermarkets in modern Europe.

B·Hyper differs from the other retail - operators in several ways:

assortment is different to regular hypermarkets, we aim to be "popular";

in store environment and colors are worked out in every detail;

the concept present traditional values and bring new ideas to the market;

the market communication applies to consumers in new ways;

the concept is long term based, and is made for the coming decades;

a flexible local development with and international touch, can easily be adapted

       to several countries and find its place beside existing operators.


Who is B·Hyper?

B·Hyper is made by experienced management team from Scandinavia and the Baltic States as well as adjusted by our local team in the Balkan countries.

The team has developed concept stores for ICA/Ahold and IKI (Citybank/REWE) and have worked in the retail sector for more than 20 years with development.

The B·Hyper management team has opened more than 200 stores for different chain networks in Europe. (RIMI, ICA, MAXI, RIMI hypermarket, IKI, Leaderprice).

The development of B·Hyper is supported by private equity funds and we are currently working on development in Croatia, Serbia, B&H, Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia.






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