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B·HYPER - Lumini


B·Hyper will open a store of 5000 square meters in Lumini.

B·Hyper will employ more than 100 people at the store in Lumini Shopping.

B·Hyper will offer assortment of more than 30 000 articles from local and international suppliers in various product groups.

B·Hyper expect to have more than 35 000 customer per week in average.

B·Hyper expect to see more than 50 000 visitors to Lumini Shopping per week.


Lumini Shopping Center - a cozy shopping and entertainment oasis

Lumini shopping center, developed by Verdispar on behalf of Scandinavian investors, is the first new-generation shopping center in Croatia and is a very important project to the Varaždin region, where the project is being developed. The Lumini concept is based on international experience of combining shopping and entertainment services in one place.

Varaždin County is one of the most attractive regions of Croatia for investments. This is the most densely populated part of the country. Its name is synonymous with culture, traditions, sports and prosperity. The region is also a leader in terms of economic growth, social responsibility and low unemployment level. Due to the above reasons, Verdispar has chosen this particular region for the introduction of a concept that ensures a one-of-a-kind shopping and leisure experience.


Advantages of the shopping center

The Lumini Shopping Center is being developed at a very convenient location in terms of traffic connections - at the southern entrance to Varaždin. Lumini will be within 5 minutes from downtown, situated at the junction of the main regional roads from Zagreb, Budapest and Maribor. The center will be easily visible from a long distance as well as conveniently accessible both by car and public transportation. Some 400,000 residents will be able to reach the shopping center from their homes in half an hour or less.

About 80 stores, a spacious 4,920 sq. m supermarket, a rich choice of restaurants and cafés and the first multiplex cinema in the region - offering 6 screens and a 3D system - will be part of the more than 32,000 sq. m. center. A large parking lot (1,400 spaces) covering almost 45,000 sq. m. will also be available for the convenience of customers.


Why B·Hyper in Croatia?

We have followed the martket in the Balkan countries for a while, and found that our concept probably will find it`s place among the other competitors.

We want to apper as a different alternative to consumers, and be preferred when the shopping experience must include a little extra.

Lumini Shopping center is located in a region of Croatia, with a huge amount of potencial customers within a radius of 20-30 min. by car, and this is a perfect start for our concept in order to adjust ourselves to the traditions, and also test the new ideas to be accepted by local consumers.

B·Hyper will be an attraction to the LUMINI Shopping center, a very interesting target to visit for a wide segment of consumers, from near and fair in any age and income groups. B·Hyper will have values & suprises for many different consumers.

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